Ordering products

You can order the item you like by clicking the BUY or the ORDER buttons.

In the order form please mention:

After receiving the order form, fill it in and click the SEND button. During the day of order the shop manager will contact you to specify your preferred terms of delivery.

If the item is available, there is a BUY button next to it.
If the item is not available in the shop, you may order it by clicking the ORDER button.

Please carefully fill in the form and check the correctness of all the information including the name of the item.
The available items will be sent to you only after 100% payment. In this case the terms of delivery will depend on the service terms of the courier company you will choose.
The non-available item will be manufactured within 2 or more weeks depending on the complicacy of work. The term of manufacturing is negotiated separately. So to the terms of delivery the term of manufacturing is added. The manufacturing starts after the cost of the material it consists of is fully paid. The looks of the item in process of manufacturing may be sent to the customer’s e-mail address as a photo. In case the customer refuses to accept the item the money sent to cover the material expenses is not returned and considered as a compensation for the wasted time.

Choosing the courier company

You can independently choose and name the company which you trust with the delivery of the chosen item. We would recommend you to pick the respected companies that guarantee the delivery and safety of your parcel. As an example we can name the AUTOLUX company. If the parcel must be delivered to a foreign country you can refer to FEDEX or DIMEX companies.

The item price does not include the delivery.

Manufacturer’s Guarantees

The manufacturer guarantees high quality of the items as well as of the materials they are made of. You can be sure of absolute exclusivity of the bought items since the manufacturing is not a mass production. Author’s techniques of working with beads and glass pieces are used in the process of manufacturing. Decorations and sculptures are high quality hand work made thoroughly and laboriously. You will become owners of artworks that can be called not less than jus masterpieces. They are unique, and most of them cannot be duplicated by definition.
You can be sure of absolute honesty of the manufacturer. The whole its activity (with which you can get accustomed by clicking: http://dao.kharkiv.edu, http://daonev.com or opening pages “Projects”, “Exhibitions”, “About the Master”) testifies for that.