About the master


Natalya Bulba was born in 1970, in Kharkiv (Ukraine, former USSR).
1996 - graduated from biological department of Kharkiv State University with honors. In 1995, together with associates, established informal organization "Very Public Corporation" where till now she has been conducting lessons on dancing, literature and drama, "Bead Sculptures”.
1996-2008 – developing and introducing a New System of Education in a group of associates of “Children’s Joint-Stock Corporation of the most Open Type”.

As a result several directions of work emerged, among which the most prominent are the following ones:

Organization and holding free of charge classes with children and teenagers in the directions: universal values, art of beadwork sculptures, nature of dancing, the world of literature and drama, design, matchstick architecture (including orphanages and shelters);
Staging and holding 14 children’s festivals, 12 concerts (including in orphanages and shelters), 14 plays dramatized by children, teenagers and adults.
Creating and developing a new trend in art: “Bead Sculpture”.

Creating a collection of craft works made of matchsticks, bead, semiprecious stones and conducting exhibitions. More than once collections of the masterpieces have been exhibited at local and international exhibitions and forums (National Expocenter, Exhibition Hall of MBF “Spiritual Heritage”, Ukrainian Fashion Week, Kharkov Art Museum etc) and were highly praised at Hermitage and Russian museum in St. Petersburg.
The works can be found in private collections including collections of state leaders.


In her work with children and teenagers she uses a unique technique of bulk beading, which has been worked out during her practices with children. All lessons and sessions are free. Her works were exhibited at numerous exhibitions.

Artek dialogues

Since 1995, together with associates, she has been conducting sessions and studies with children and teenagers at informal art organization "Very Public Corporation" established on voluntary basis.


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