Welcome to the exclusive jewellery and sculpture shop!

Here you can order any bead item presented on the pages of our shop. We can also create an absolutely new item specially for you!

Our masters work using a unique technique of wire braiding. It took 14 years to develop and improve that technique. We can state that we not only took into account the experience of previous generations of fancywork masters but also developed new methodology. It allows us to create works of art from beads of any size and form. And our sculptures can prove that.

Using similar technologies when creating decorations we make them unique, not similar to what you have seen before. Characters of fairy tales, legends and the Holy Writ, the most delicate flowers, abstract forms carrying a supply of positive energy – all that is a theme and sense of our work.

Creating a decoration we try to keep to the principle that it first of all must emphasize the inner beauty of the person who is going to wear it. Our works are little masterpieces that will emphasize your personality, let you and your dearest people feel esthetic pleasure.

All the works are made of high quality materials produced by leading European companies (from Czechia, Germany and Austria). We use only high quality Czech beads, semiprecious stones and metal accessories as well as Swarovski crystals.

All the time we aim at perfection, follow modern and fashionable trends and look for new topics and ways of self-expression.

Master's contact information:
e-mail: daoNata@gmail.com Natalya Bulba
tel: +380950484947

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